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CVS Staff
Last Update : 2009.09.11

(In Alphabetical Order)

♦  Kenji Anami Visiting Research Scientist mail-83

♦  Yoshinori Asada Officer mail-82

♦  Eun-Hye Choi Research Scientist mail-33

♦  Akira Hashimoto Administrative Manager mai-50

♦  Hiromi Hatanaka Technical Staff mai-72

♦   Daisuke Ikegami Research Scientist mail-08

♦  Takuya Katayama Emeritus Advisor

♦  Norio Kato AIST Research Staff mail-45

♦  Yoshiki Kinoshita Director mail-10

♦  Takashi Kitamura AIST Research Staff mail-78

♦  Misako Kunisada Technical Staff mail-64

♦  Yutaka Matsuno AIST Research Staff mail-79

♦  Satoshi Matsuoka Research Scientist mail-11

♦  Daichi Mizuguchi Research Scientist mail-12

♦  Masahiro Nakano AIST Research Staff mail-69

♦   Hideaki Nishihara Research Scientist mail-16

♦  NGUYEN Van Tang AIST Research Staff mail-81

♦   Hitoshi Ohsaki Senior Research Scientist mail-19

♦  Keishi Okamoto Invited Senior Research Scientist mail-31

♦  Hiroyuki Ozaki Research Scientist mail-30

♦  Noriko Saito Technical Staff mail-20

♦  Katsuya Sato Emeritus Advisor mail-77

♦  Toshifusa Sekizawa Visiting Research Scientist mail-34

♦  Daisuke Souma AIST Research Staff mail-80

♦   Toshinori Takai Research Scientist mail-22

♦  Hiroki Takamura AIST Research Staff mail-46

♦  Satomi Takeda Technical Staff mail-73

♦  Makoto Takeyama Research Scientist mail-24

♦  Iwao Tamaki Assistant mail-25

♦  Michiko Tomimatsu Technical Staff mail-27

♦  Yoriyuki Yamagata Research Scientist mail-41

♦  Shunsuke Yatabe AIST Research Staf mail-75

♦  Hiroshi Watanabe Deputy Director mail-29

* All the information above is listed under members' permission.

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