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About CVS

The Research Center for Verification and Semantics was established with the aim of encouraging Japanese industries to adopt Mathematical Methods (Formal Methods) as standard verification methods. Towards that goal, we are convincing the industries its effectiveness for improving productivity and reliability of information-processing system development. Mathematical Methods detects bugs (unexpected defects) overlooked by testing. They do so at earlier stages of development in Mathematical Methods as powerful technology that complements conventional methods.


2010/03/19 Issued technical report new
PS-2010-002 "Research Report Collection for 2008 (in Japanese)
2010/02/03 Issued technical report new
PS-2010-001 "Proceedings of the 6th Symposium on Dependable System (DSS 2009)(in Japanese)
2009/12/25 Issued technical report
PS-2009-010 "FM Approaches to Assurance cases
2009/10/16 Issued technical report
PS-2009-008 "Basic Concepts and Taxonomy of Dependable and Secure Computing(in both English and Japanese) "
2009/08/03 Issued technical report
PS-2009-009 "MCBOK2008:Model Cheking Body of Knowledge for software development (in Japanese) "

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