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Programming Science Technical Report

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Number Auther / Title Date PDF

PS-2008-017 Satoru Yoshida Dec. pdf261KB
Sequential continuity and boundedness of generalized functions in constructive mathematics (Preliminary Version)

PS-2008-016 Research Center for Verification and Semantics Dec. pdf4.6MB
Proceedings of the 6th Dependable System Workshop (DSW 2008) (in Japanese)

PS-2008-015 Research Center for Verification and Semantics Nov.
Model checking Training course (in Japanese)

PS-2008-014 Yoshiki Kinoshita Sep. pdf180KB
Agda language (in Japanese)

PS-2008-013 Hideaki Nishihara, Koichi Shinozaki, Koji Hayamizu, Toshiaki Aoki, Kenji Taguchi, Fumihiro Kumeno Aug. pdf140KB
Model checking education for software engineers in Japan (Preliminary Version)

PS-2008-012 Toshiaki Aoki, Fumihiro Kumeno, Yoshiki Kinoshita, Koichi Shinozaki, Osamu Takaki, Hiroki Takamura, Kenji Taguchi, Hayao Nakahara, Hideaki Nishihara, Koji Hayamizu, Shinichi Honiden, Hiroshi Watanabe Aug. pdf226KB
An education program of model checking for engineers: Current state and an improvement plan (in Japanese)

PS-2008-011 Hiroki Takamura Aug. pdf173KB
Powers of positive elements in constructive C *-algebras

PS-2008-010 Yoshinori Tanabe, Koichi Takahashi, Masami Hagiya Apr. pdf260KB
A Decision Procedure for Alternation-free Modal μ-calculi

PS-2008-009 Yoshinori Tanabe, Toshifusa Sekizawa, Yoshifumi Yuasa, Koichi Takahashi Apr. pdf234KB
Pre- and Post-conditions Expressed in Variants of the Modal μ-calculus

PS-2008-008 Yoshiki Kinoshita, Toshinori Takai Mar. pdf299KB
Fieldwork of formal methods (in Japanese)

PS-2008-007 Shunsuke Yatabe Mar. pdf220KB
An implementation of predicate logic in a proof assistant for supporting recursive definitions (Preliminary Version) (in Japanese)

PS-2008-006 Research Center for Verification and Semantics Mar. pdf5.44MBpdfA list of errata (66.5KB)
Research Report Collection for 2007 (in Japanese)

PS-2008-005 Satoru Yoshida, Izumi Takeuti, Satoshi Koike, Hitoshi Ohsaki Feb. pdf2.39MBpdfA list of errata (221KB)
Expressions of Diagramic Notation and LTL formulae (in Japanese)

PS-2008-004 Satoshi Koike, Satoru Yoshida, and Hitoshi Ohsaki Feb. pdf359KB
Diagramic Notation for LTL Model Checking (in Japanese)

PS-2008-003 Research Center for Verification and Semantics Jan. pdf1.32MB
Case Studies in CVS/AIST (in Japanese)

PS-2008-002 Research Center for Verification and Semantics Jan. pdf5.93MB
Proceedings of the 4th Symposium on Science and Technology for System Verification

PS-2008-001 Research Center for Verification and Semantics Jan.
Model checking Training course (Draft) (in Japanese)

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