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Programming Science Technical Report

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Toshinori Takai, Takahiro Furuhashi, Hiroyuki Ozaki, Hitoshi Osaki
A case study on verification using model-checking and environmental drivers
Oct. 2007 [pdf] 269KB

Koki Nishizawa
Algebraic Structure for a modal fixed point logic and abstract interpretation
Jul. 2007 [pdf] 581KB

Yoriyuki Yamagata, Masaya Saitou
Security verification through model checking: A case study using software update system (in Japanese)
Jul. 2007 [pdf] 161KB

Research Center for Verification and Semantics
Research Report Collection for 2006 (in Japanese)
Jul. 2007 [pdf] 5.59MB

Satoru Yoshida, Yoriyuki Yamagata
A case study on safety verification for the software update protocol by BAN logic (Preliminary Version)
Jun. 2007 [pdf] 224KB

Koki Nishizawa, Yukiyoshi Kameyama, Yoshiki Kinosita
Simulations of Multi-Valued Models for Modal μ-Calculus
Apr. 2007 [pdf] 328KB

Toshifusa Sekizawa, Yoshinori Tanabe, Yoshifumi Yuasa, Koichi Takahashi
MLAT: Modal Logic Abstraction Tool
Feb. 2007 [pdf] 160KB

Toshifusa Sekizawa, Toshinori Takai, Yoshinori Tanabe, Koichi Takahashi
A Method to Generate Formulae for Temporal Logic Satisfiability Checkers
Feb. 2007 [pdf] 229KB

Hiroki Takamura
Semisimplicity, EDPC and discriminator varieties of modal FLew-algebras (Preliminary Version)
Feb. 2007 [pdf] 185KB

Satoru Yoshida
A note on the weak topology for the constructive completion of the space D(R)
Feb. 2007 [pdf] 170KB

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